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Holidays in Asia as tailor made holidays or group tours with emphasis on cultural tours in Asia, luxury trips, adventure travel or an expedition in Asia.

We do arrange holidays in India, Bhutan, Nepal, Tibet, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia and China.

To encounter an exotic world from within. To enlarge our view of the world. The experience changes our perception of us, the world, and ultimately our every-day life. This is what our journeys are all about.

You travel in India, Tibet, Nepal, Myanmar / Burma, Laos, China, Cambodia, Vietnam or Indonesia in style or off the beaten track, as you wish, and enjoy the magnificent sites of different Asian cultures and a fascinating mixture of local people.

You participate in expeditions through the most beautiful and remote regions of the mighty Himalayas. You feel a challenge and master it.

You discover the truly enchanting places in South and South-East Asia and join the local people. And an Old Asia Hand takes care of the details.

Group tours through Asia we plan and accompany ourselves, you find at Join in Group Tours.

Glimpses of your very personal dream holiday in Asia you find at Tailor Made Travel.

The themes and ideas for your own travel group at Tailor-made Group Tours might serve as an inspiration.

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