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Small size Group Tours to Asia

We offer you a fine choice of guided group tours to Asia, especially to Japan, Bhutan, Vietnam, China, India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar/Burma.
Accept the challenge and join a small size group tour to Asia.

Japan - Small size group tour in May 2022, enjoying various aspects of Japan during the time of spring.(fully booked)
Japan - Small size group tour in November 2022, enjoying various aspects of Japan during the time of the autumn colours.
Bhutan - Small size group tour to Bhutan in March / April 2023, exploring the kingdom and participating in the Gomphu Kora in the eastern valleys.


Unfortunately the Covid pandemie forced us to cancel all guided group tours until early 2022.

Our guided group tours in 2022/23

The group size is restricted to 6 - 9 participants, and we accompany these journeys ourself.


Japan 04.11. - 23.11.2022
Japan 04.11. - 23.11.2022
Culture, Nature and Present

Over millenia Japan assimilated influences from Asian countries and refined and coloured them in a unique way.
Japan is positioned on the volcanic ring around…

Bhutan 23.03. - 08.04.2023
Bhutan 23.03. - 08.04.2023
The Realm of the Thunder Dragon

In western countries the kingdom of Bhutan stands for many qualities we seem to have lost on our way of rapid materialistic development. The lost Shangri…

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