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A credo, a bit of a confession and an invitation

Sivali tours are mind opening tours.

The biggest compliment we have yet received ...

We go where tours normally don't go. We go where you often couldn't go alone. Our guided group tours are for those who enjoy leaving the usual behind, and who seek a challenge and a truly intense experience of a different place. We explore unknown areas, and known areas in an unknown way. We travel off the beaten track, getting close to the people and deep into the country's culture. We provide the opportunity for you to feel the magic of truly 'being there'.

Our groups are comprised of 8 participants maximum to ensure, that we can dive right into the experience. We don't handle our itineraries like shopping lists, life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans... we are flexible according to preferences and change of situations.

When we design tailor-made individual holidays, our long experience in these countries and our knowledge of these countries is manifest in respective travel suggestions.


About myself: After studies of Social Anthropology, Indian Philology and Comparative Science of Religions - 2 terms of classical music in India were part of it, I did work more than 12 years as an executive between Bosporus and New Guinea with residence in Indonesia.
I practise a mild Social Anthropologist's world view in the little matters of everyday life. Travel is my passion, and finally I have turned my favourite pastime into a profession.

It is a matter of cause for me that money we spend in a country ends up in the local's pockets, to the extend that is possible. It is a matter of cause to explore the local cultures according to their own logic and to treat the environment with respect.

There exists harmful tourism and an enriching one, for both sides. We practise the latter. The little coffee stall at the corner is as interesting as pagodas and palaces.
And one last thing: I accompany many tours myself and the journeys only go to my own favourite places!

Juergen Polte

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